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Firmware Update

Veo Cam 2 & Veo Cam 3 firmware update - 3.1.4

AUTHOR: The Veo Product Updates team

We've just rolled out firmware update version 3.1.4 for your Veo Cam 2 & Veo Cam 3 devices!

Fixed in this update:

  • Improved recording stability and camera functionality.

  • New LED dialogue when the camera is completely drained from the battery. Find a description of this dialogue on the updated support page here; (Support page)

  • Reduced battery drain by 10x when the camera is powered down.

  • Increased lifetime of the battery.

How to update your camera:

Your camera will automatically update to 3.1.1 when connected to the internet. To update now:

  • Turn on the camera

  • Connect it to wifi via the app or ethernet

  • Let it sit for 10-30 minutes while it's updating.

  • The camera will show it is updating via the camera status in the camera app.

  • Once complete, it will reboot and be good to go!

We aim to improve and innovate your camera experience with new features and enhancements. Stay informed with the latest notifications for all the updates. Thank you for your continued support!

Best regards,

The Veo Team

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